Why The Premiere Senior Portrait Experience?
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Why The Premiere Senior Portrait Experience?

Why The Premiere Senior Portrait Experience?

If you know me well, (and most of you don’t) you would know I am passionate about A LOT of things, like obviously photography and fashion, but also heavy whipping cream and cats.

This has made choosing my first blog topic difficult to say the least. But after some thought, a lot of heavy whipping cream with a little coffee (see I told you), and some brainstorm sessions with my people, it made perfect sense to talk about the best part of my job (I mean besides all the other best parts of my job).

So, what do I consider to be one of the best parts of my job?

It is one I call the “Premiere Senior Portrait Experience”.

If you have already checked out my details page you know that the Premiere Senior Portrait Experience is my most popular package and what I believe to be the wisest investment. What you probably don’t know is why I created it and think it makes sense for EVERYONE.

It takes a lifetime to develop your personality and your personal style, and if there is one thing I understand, it’s that this “personality” is exactly what you are hoping to capture in your photos. You want to be captured as You, although I know sometimes who you are and who your mom thinks you are, can be totally different things *wink emoji. My goal is to give both of you what you want, because the truth is there are many sides to who you are!

I believe that there is a way to capture every color, every style, and every fashion trend beautifully on camera, but it requires a sharp eye and a curated wardrobe.  And this is exactly what my Premiere Senior Portrait Experience offers.

Yes, I will I come to your house and help you choose the ideal wardrobe, but I will make sure you choose a wardrobe that lets you be YOU on camera. This in-home style consultation is the key to beautiful pictures and is most often excluded from most senior photography packages.

I will spend time with you at your home, picking the perfect outfit to match your dream location. We will look through your closet, your Pinterest boards, your magazines, your Instagram feed and even make a shopping list, whatever it takes to make sure the authentic you translates to your pictures.

During this time, I will also help you understand the relationship between your outfits and the camera. This one is for your future self (and for your mom too).  While we are looking at  outfits  that match your style, we will also be making sure each outfit selected  will allow you to move on camera freely and be captured in flattering positions. This is Key! Often times trends are not flattering. My goal is to help you find your sweet spot; an outfit that is both trendy and  looks great at every angle.  This is my mission in life.

And lastly, as I mentioned above, we will cover which outfit will look best at which location. We will look ahead at the destinations and determine which trends and accessories should be used and where. This will enable the photos to look natural and authentic, rather than staged. Have you ever seen those awkward family photo memes? Yea, that is what we are avoiding at all costs!  Whether we need to venture down a shady dark alley or find a bright mural to go with your trendsetting style, we will do what works for you.

Whether you are a total diva personality that loves the camera or the shyest human alive, I will make you look amazing in your pictures. I love photography, but not because I love cameras and taking pictures, because I love capturing beautiful things. Whether it be beautiful people, joyous moments, stunning lighting, killer fashion, or events of a lifetime, I want to capture it at just the right angle, so it can live on. And that is exactly why I offer the Premiere Senior Portrait Experience.

Let’s get started!


I am the owner of Widyn Photography and Denton Bridal Show. Learn more about me at Meet LeeAnn and don’t forget to ogle the gorgeous moments and people captured in my Portfolio.

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