Cool Photo Locations: Denton
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Cool Photo Locations: Denton

Cool Photo Locations: Denton

In case you didn’t catch my Meet LeeAnn tab, I live in Denton, Texas. Which just happens to be a great location if you are either a photographer or a professional coffee drinker, I am both.

Denton truly has a lot going for it. It is no longer the quaint little town of 1866, but a hip destination. With its close proximity to Austin, Denton has quickly become a hot spot for up and coming musicians and artists, even being called “Little Austin” by some. This charming city, with its old-fashioned town square has been renovated to host hip restaurants, music venues, and wall murals all while surrounding the cities iconic courthouse. Visit the city on a night like Wassail Fest, a  longstanding Christmas tradition, and no one will have to convince you to stay, you will voluntarily be drinking the Kool-Aid *or should I say wassail… you get the point.

Now that I have painted a picture of Denton for you that’s basically got you thinking its Riverdale, you are probably wondering what that has to do with photography. Well Everything.

Denton is cool, see above reasons, but what makes it a great location for photographers is its diversity. Denton has something to offer everyone.

The square offers old building fronts, classically painted business signs, and shady brick alleys with peeling paint. The back streets offer fire escapes and contemporary wall murals, while the campuses hold the contrast of lush landscapes, like  TWU’s botanical gardens.

There are also Denton’s very unique spots like the Chairy orchard, LSA roof top access, and the train station that runs  through downtown and the iconic spots, the classics. These are businesses that have been around for a long time and are well known, like Campus Theater, Recycled Books, and Frenchy’s.

Frenchy and his business are known all over town, you really can’t spend much time in the city limits without seeing one of his orange trucks. And if you know the right people you may even get a Birthday message printed on the side of one!

This city also has a lot to offer in casual hang outs. You can lounge on the square and soak up the sun with a picnic or bring your friends and have a moment underneath the trees covered in twinkle lights.

Not the vibe your looking for, try one of Denton’s four patio bar & restaurant hangs like East Side that has a food truck park in back,  Oak St. Draft house (featured below) with its wrap around porch, or Harvest House with its outdoor music venue (also featured below). In this city you are bound to find the backdrop you’re  looking for and you’ll probably find a bonus mural or new sculpture as you adventure along the way.

As you can see there is a lot to offer in the way of both fun and photography,and there’s a spot you can photograph at practically any time of the day.

The above pictures are captured during the early evening, but Denton really comes alive at night. The pictures below feature the late evening lighting. But beware, its hard to find a spot that isn’t bustling on a Friday and Saturday night.

Although I have highlighted the spots with urban vibes in this post, if thats not your scene, remember you only have to drive about 2 miles outside the city and you hit the country, like cows grazing the pastures country! Denton is truly a gem and  if you don’t live here I definetly suggest taking a Day trip.

See you around town,


I am the owner of Widyn Photography and Denton Bridal Show. Learn more about me at Meet LeeAnn and don’t forget to ogle the gorgeous moments and people captured in my Portfolio.

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